Review: Missha Signature Real Complete BB Cream #21

     Being a regular reader at Girltalk,'s forum, I was influenced to try Missha Signature Real Complete BB Cream. So even if I have sold my rarely used full-sized bb creams and just kept my favorite Missha Watery Sample (I did not like the gray cast and the fact that it is really hard to remove), I ordered a #21 sample of this bb cream.

     I really liked how the sample is not packaged in the usual square packaging. (Yes, I am easily impressed. haha) It was packed in the sample plastic packaging but is shaped liked the full-sized bottle of the bb cream.

So on with the review;

     Missha M Signature Real Complete BB Cream is said to be a Hypoallergenic BB Cream, from Missha's website, maybe because it has a 7-free formula.

7-free formula : Non-chemical, Paraben-free, Mineral oil-free,
alcohol-free, GMO-free, Triclosan-free, Benzophenone-free

     Nonetheless, this BB Cream has a million more ingredients than Missha Perfect Cover. Check it here.
But if you are allergic to mineral oil and are okay with dimethicone, this BB cream maybe for you. This BB cream claims to have perfect coverage with UV blocking, wrinkle repairing and whitening properties with its all natural plant extracts. As for me, I am just hoping that it is non-comedogenic. 


Missha M Signature Real Complete BB Cream #21

Shade: #21 Light Pink Beige - for fair-skinned gals and with fair I mean those with Korean/Chinese ethnicity. I am fair but not as fair as other Asians so I guess I should opt for #23.
Coverage: Sheer-Medium. (buildable)
I have acne scars and the redness was not completely covered after 3 layers. And since I layer it, I need the darker shade since #21 would be too light.
Texture: runny
Not as runny as Lioele Waterdrop but it is not thick and is spreadable. It does not dry quickly giving me more time to blend it and layer it as needed. I liked this trait of the bb cream.
Fragrance: I prefer non-scented cosmetics so as to know it has less ingredients but this has a very pleasant flowery scent to me that disappears right away. 
Dewyness: I prefer dewy bb creams but this is more dewy than I would have preferred. So after I have waited for it to dry, I used Ellana's Sheer Velvet to minimize shine. 
Skin Reaction: I had 3-4 very small bumps on the first time that I used this.
 I have really sensitive skin and have suffered from an extreme breakout earlier this year, I am trying bb creams now to find one that I can just use when I join marathons. I can't use mineral makeup on those times since for sure, MMU would melt. 
Other Comments:
     I tried this again today (2nd time) and have used more product than I did on the first time to test the coverage. The product blended with my skintone on the first time but since I used more bb cream now, the oxidation took more time and since I am always on the run during normal days, I think I should get the darker shade to get a better match. Moreover, this bb cream caked on me the last time and also it did not last long. Maybe because it was too hot on my way to the office but still, I stayed in an airconditioned room the whole day. For this, I think I cannot use this bb cream for my intended purpose, the marathon.

     What I liked about this bb cream, though, is that it could make your skin look really luminous and glowing. Applied and blended properly, minus humidity, like now that it is raining outside and the weather is cool, my skin looks glowing and even if I applied 3 layers, I think I do not look made up since it does not dry to a matte finish. 

     I have received samples of the #23 from another seller and would try it on the coming days. I'll also check if I get the same reaction. But today, just to be safe, I buffed in a layer of Ellana's oil-absorbing powder to control oil and shield my skin from the bb cream. I had high hopes for this bb cream. I really wished that it could replace my Missha Watery, which btw, have lasted through sweat and grime when I used it for the OROFOLS run last month. Sadly, Missha Watery is already discontinued. I think the reason why my sample did not become too watery was because it is in a jar and instead of drying out, the excess water just evaporated so I still have my sample in perfect condition. 

     I'll be posting a review of Missha Watery on the coming days. I hope this could help others out there looking for their HG bb cream.

     Ta-ta, Ladies!


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