Working Ladies' Night

     Since we graduated last February 2010, my college barkada and I  have never gone out together like how we used to. Job applications and work took its toll on us as we never found a common time to meet. So imagine our excitement when we (FINALLY!) were able to set up a date for all of us to meet and catch up to join Maybelline New York's Barkada Blowout!

Of course, we had fun picking out on each other, i mean, picking out dresses for each other. ;

 Bea needed a new eyeliner, Cots needed a makeup remover and Kaye needed her next compact powder. And we all wanted to try the new Eye Studio Hyper Diamonds!

 We dressed up for the night to forget work and be the young college girls we still feel we are. =)

All dressed up and shining for the night! ^-^

It was a super fun night of catching up and partying. We missed this! =) 

Why We Deserve the Blowout
 They say that high school is unforgettable but nobody said that college won't be. We may not have cried with each other during our first heartbreaks, but we have stayed up together for months through our first and second thesis. That's priceless too! Today, we try to meet by signing up on marathons and planning dinner dates. But what's more fun than celebrating our first year into being career women than getting an awesome blowout from Maybelline New York! THAT would be the best way to cap this year, we started 2010 rocking the academe and ended partying hard with Maybelline! =)

The Lola Girls <3<3<3


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