Burning My Eyes On: My Sister's Keeper

     I've always wanted to watch the movie but never got the chance. Nonetheless, I guess this is a good time to read the book. I'm not yet halfway on reading it but I am enjoying it so far. I could relate very well with the character of Anna. I know her feelings by heart. We may not be in the exact same situation but I understand her belief on her position in her family. And with this in mind, it is somewhat an eye-opener for me to read about the feelings of other characters in the story. So far, what I could say about the book is that it will make you feel a roller coaster of emotions. On this page you will sympathize with one character, on the next page, with another character. Nonetheless, you would know that all characters are longing for love and hope.
     This story is a breather from chick flicks and hardcore romance novels. The book does not make me feel giddy like Edward Cullen does but I know this will make me cry. I am currently in a want-to-but-don't-want-to-finish-it phase. But for now, I'll go back to my reading. =)
     Ta-ta, Ladies! =)
If you have read the book or seen the movie, feel free to share how you felt about it. Just please..please..don't spoil the story for me just yet. Thanks!!


Zaya said...

I watched the movie without reading the book and found it gripping. Let me know how the book fares! Do watch the movie, it would be interesting to know whether the movie lives up to the book or vice versa :)

Ruth SpeakNSpan said...

Thanks Zaya! That's the plan. But I am afraid about the movie not living up to the book, as most movie adaptations are. But I'll see it after this! =)

EMA said...

I cried watching this movie, though I cry easily when watching a movie.. but watch it without any expectations, that way you don't get disappointed :D

Ruth SpeakNSpan said...

Thanks EMA! I'll watch the movie as soon as I get hold of the DVD. =D

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