Looklet: The Digital "Paper" Doll

     If you were born in the same era as I was, then you would have, at least, tried playing with paper dolls. I remember buying several of those cheap but totally cute paper dolls, ranging from random girl images to popular cartoon/anime characters, at the convenience store. After that, I would go home,  then slowly and carefully detach the dolls and the dresses from the cardboard and finally play with dolls by mixing and matching outfits with each other.

     Thanks to my facebook contacts, I learned about Looklet and oh boy, did this site help me burn time earlier this year when I have just graduated from college and was still looking for work. Looklet works pretty much like how young girls played with Barbie but much MUCH BETTER. (even if I just contented myself with brushing Barbie's hair and then putting her back inside her box.)  The site is really classy and attractive. The website also chooses a "Look for the Day" and such. I've never been chosen, though. hehe. If you're a perfectionist like me, it would take time for you to finish one look. I think I may have spent an hour or so finishing just one look. Moreover, staying in this site is like online shopping, just that you can't buy what's there. Nonetheless, the site posts real branded apparel that would make you want to look for the particular piece you're eye-ing. I bet the owners of this site are really gaining a lot from the brands they have in the site.

     Here are sample photos from my account, Andalasia. I did not put any watermarks on it anymore since my account name is there and the photo is pretty much from Looklet. 

The first look is a night-time look. I really love the whole outfit, not because I was the one who made the look, but because this is something I would really wear. I love every piece in this outfit, I wish I could really wear this. And LOOK AT THOSE SHOES! I really love those YSL shoes! Aren't they pretty? n_n

     This second look have received the most "likes" in all my outfits. Though it is such a humble number, it just goes to show that some other people also like what I did. I really love the necklace, the bag (And of course, the shopping bags!) and the SHOES!!!  I always end up wanting to match either these shoes or the YSL heels in every outfit I do.

     Now that I have a job, I rarely open my looklet account anymore. Not because I do not like it, but because I do not want to do a mediocre outfit. I am sure, though, that once I get the time, I will add more outfits to my account. I guess this site is the poor girl's dream "come true" in such a way. Poor meaning, I-have-spent-all-my-money-to-other-more-important-needs-and-I-should-be-in-a-"no-buy-mode"-right now-poor. So if you would like to restrain yourself from online shopping, I guess this site is a good place to burn the time. Just don't be tempted to go and scour the internet if you find an item you would totally die for. haha! Or if you would like to take your mind off work or something bothersome, Looklet will totally take your thoughts out of it, for sure.

     So, girls, unleash that fashionista in you and play designer in your own digital boutique with Looklet! You can find the site at www.looklet.com.

     Until here, for now.
     Ta-ta, Ladies! n_n


McLaren said...

Hi there, I love playing "dolls" with Looklet too! Check my blog, I've posted the 'looks" I've created so far =) Btw, I love the look you created for a day of shopping!

Anonymous said...

We have sooooo many things in common! Hahaha. I love Looklet! I still try to update my account from time to time. What's your account? I wanna see all the looks you've made. :)

Ruth SpeakNSpan said...

Sorry I just read your comment now. Haha! you can click my looklet whatever on the side. My username is andalasia. but i've only done a few looks, i spend tooooo much time deciding on each look. hahaha!

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