Review: Charm Kabuki and Duo Fiber Brush

I was able to avail of Charm's sale of it's old brushes last April. This was to give way to their new line of brushes coming out. I got the Duo Fiber Brush and the Kabuki Brush as my choice for the freebie. As always,
the package I bought from Sophie of Beauty and Minerals was neatly and carefully packed. I really like sellers who see to it that their packages are safe for shipping.

1. Charm Duo Fiber Brush


     This brush is really soft and dense. It is not poke-y at all. I've tried using this with liquid foundation but I think I haven't mastered the art of stippling yet. hehe. It bled on the first and second time I washed it but it bleeds less now. I'm not too keen about the pink handle but I can live with it. Nonetheless, I really like the cute logo of Charm brushes. =) 

More pictures:

     See how dense the brush is? This is truly a gem! I prefer to use it for my blushes since I have shifted to mineral makeup. Though I will still use this on the rare time I will use liquid foundation. (I have to practice my stippling! hehe)

     For comparison, here are photos side by side with my Sigma Stippling brush. The Sigma brush is denser than the Charm brush but I can understand that. The Sigma brush is bigger and longer than the Charm. But hey! You can see that the Charm Duo Fiber brush hairs are shaped well enough to perform well. It is more "focused". It fits the apples of my cheeks for a very good blush application. 

2. Charm Kabuki 


     This brush looks really cute. I'm not a fan of pink but the hot pink bristles will really get your attention. I use this brush for touch-ups with Ellana's Sheer Velvet or Finishing Powder. I would not use it for buffing my mineral makeup because it's poke-y. The bristles are soft on my hands but not so much on my face. There is a new version of this kabuki, the Charm Luxe Kabuki. I heard from Girltalk that it is really soft. I would like to try that to compare it with this since I think it is really a better version of this kabuki. Nonetheless, with this being a "freebie" (it is the -take one- from the promo), I can find a good use for it.

So that's my first review for this blog. Hope somebody gets a good use for this! Ta-ta, Ladies! =)


Me said...

the hot pink kabuki brush is so cool!

Ruth SpeakNSpan said...

I agree! If only it was softer, then I'd truly fall in love with it. The new version is a combination of white and pink bristles. I prefer the all-pink original, just wish it was as soft as the new one, as what initial reviews say.

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